Monday Eats

Yesterday I threw away EVERYTHING in the house with carbs/gluten.  Today really focusing on our diet started and I feel good about it!

Breakfast: bacon and eggs (doesn’t photo well)


Snack: Kind Bar…Apricot Almond, my FAVORITE


Lunch & Dinner: Romaine w/ home made chicken salad and slivered almonds


I was really productive today.  Made a huge batch of chicken salad to have on hand, tuna salad.  Made 2 gallons of chicken stock and shredded the meat to use for more chicken salad or on salads.  I have to be super prepared this time around.  No room to fail.

The polar vortex came back to NJ today.  And guess what?!?! I have sooooo much sinus pain.  I still haven’t heard back from the oral surgeon.  That’s frustrating.  I did look into jaw surgery and sinus problems.  I didn’t find sinus surgery being the answer…the answer seems to be taking OUT the metal.  Jaw surgery again? That will never happen.  Hopefully I’ll hear from the Dr this week and we can figure something out!

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