Wow week

My week wasnt great eats and work out wise…i worked out HARD 3x this week thats good, but i’ve realized losing weight comes down to diet. so this next week we are going carb free, hard core diet.  This was hard in the past, but we have become so strict in other aspects so diet is the next step.


I went for a dental cleaning on Thursday.  My first in a yr and a half.  I was nervous to say the least.  I cancelled this appt 3 months ago because i hate dentists that much. Every part of me wanted me to reschedule because I hate dentists that much.  But I showed up. The dental tech asked me why i was scared (she gave me a BIG hug once i said i was Jersey this is HUGE) i explained i had jaw surgery…LOTS OF PAIN and then had 2 root canals because of my jaw surgery LOTS MORE PAIN and so i hate dentists because it is  pain in my mind. Because of that info she took lots of panoramic xrays of my jaw to show the dentist.  Then cleaned my teeth. She then went on to talk about broadway shows while she cleaned my teeth. I LOVE HER ALREADY! She asked me what my jaw surgery was called…i said “I have no idea it was so long ago…i know they cut my jaw down like a peace sign and then shaved it back to fixe my over bite”  Ok she says

In walks the Dentist after my cleaning.  He looks at my xray. The tech says “she had a jaw surgery….down the median and bilateral”  “oh i see it” says the Dr.  He looks at me and says, “you have BAD sinus problems dont you?” YES..i say. “this surgery causes sinus problems…post nasal drip..(he is talking to the technician) YES I HAVE POST NASAL DRIP! the dentist said “um did you have this surgery by a dentist or an oral surgeon?  Was this done in THIS area?” it was as if he was offended by the work.  It wasn’t the 1st time my jaw surgery was questioned by a dentist.  It WAS the 1st time a dentist noticed it affected my sinuses.  I have an appt w/  an allergist next week because of my sinus infections.  NOW the dentist explained that the metal in my mouth is surrounding my sinus cavities.  My sinuses are surrounded by a LITERAL barbed wire. Any inflammation…caused by allergens OR atmosphere causes the barbed wire to attack my sinuses. I get sick a lot because of this…it takes little.  The fact that this dentist caught this BLOWS my mind.  Being sick all the time is depressing…not only you’re sick but you let down your boss and coworkers (they have to cover for you)  People start to assume…”you dont take care of yourself”  “eat more citrus to fight colds”  IT SUCKS!! you hate youself…and now i find out my problems are caused by the metal in my mouth…it’s BEYOND shocking and redeeming.  it’s not my fault.  The dentist said, “this was traumatic for you wasnt it?” YESSS!! the surgery was horrible!! he said, “i see this xray and see the years of pain you went through”.  YES!! I’ve never had a dentist “get it” like he did.  I’m excited to know that a dentist might have the answers for me…i’m scared the answers might mean sinus surgery…


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