Best steak I’ve ever had!!

This has been a great week! Felt good all week…worked out hard 4 days! My goal was 5 days but snow days wouldn’t let me get out. More on the snow later! I’m loving the gym! Eating has been pretty good, always room for improvement but better than before!  I made Chinese chicken salad several days for dinner. Really good!

ImageLast night for our Valentines dinner we had filets from Snake River Farms. Thats where my in laws got us the MOST amazing ham I’ve ever had.  Well the steak was THE best steak I’ve ever had.  They are having a free shipping special during the Olympics so we took advantage and ordered 8 more steaks from them. I could have cut it with a fork it was so tender.  If you want the best meat you will ever eat, go to Snake River Farms and order!


On to the weather…it’s been crazy here lately.  We got 18″ of snow on Thursday. It was the heaviest snow I’ve ever seen in my life.  Today it’s snowing again but only 3″.  Snow again on Monday into Tuesday.  No word on how much yet.  Here is a picture from the library…before the blizzard and after.  I took the after picture today and some melted yesterday so it WAS even worse


Because of all the snow I finished 2 books this week.  The mob book was interesting because it ALL takes place here in my area.  The person the book is about is what The Godfather AND Sopranos is based off of.  But the book was a lot of names and facts back to back, not much storytelling.  Go Ask Alice was a great young adult book!


Goals for this week:

  • Work out at least 5 days
  • ALL home made meals
  • No carbs for dinner

SMALL goals each wk will get me there! 🙂


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