Careful what you wish for!

Last week I said I wish I could get a stomach bug like Drew and lose massive weight quick.  Well I DID! but it was food poisoning not a stomach bug. I couldn’t eat from Tuesday night – Saturday afternoon.  Lost a good amount of weight!  A coworker bought us Chinese on Tuesday as a treat from the library…I ate a TINY bit of it that night at home and an hr later I was a hot mess.  It was MISERABLE but I feel great now and I feel so much lighter and better already…now to keep the weight loss momentum going!! 🙂

Lets see besides not eating this week, it has snowed  A LOT! The library was closed on Monday and Wednesday.  Between the 2 days we got about 12″ i believe.  This afternoon it’s supposed to start again. There was a facebook rumor going around that we were getting up to 30″ today alone but I think the latest is we are getting around 1-3″.  here are some pictures from the week! 🙂


Yesterday I was able to eat some and made us Chicken and Dumplings.  It doesn’t photo well but the home made stock, so rich and delicious was JUST what I needed in my belly after a horrible week!

ImageI cant wait to get back in the gym tomorrow! Here’s to a GREAT week 🙂 No more sicknesses


2 thoughts on “Careful what you wish for!

  1. Jana Cast says:

    Congratulations on your weight loss! But food poisoning…..yuck 😦 And, it’s really amazing you keep such an upbeat spirit in all that SNOW!!!!!!

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