Week in Review

Drew was in India this week and came home with a lovely stomach bug.  He didn’t eat for 3 days and lost 17 lbs! I wish I could get a stomach bug 😛  ANYWAY…we keep making small changes and i’m feeling GREAT.  Slowly but surely is the way, I’m learning. We started by cutting out all alcohol and soda (we were drinking way too much Dr Pepper). If you add up those calories alone, it’s quite shocking  Then we added IN green juice.  This week we added IN working out. As soon as my stitches came out I was back in the gym and have been doing 45 min of cardio every day.  Stitches came out, YAY!


Friday night I got together with some moms from the library and we went to Hibachi.  It was SUCH a fun girls night.  Lots of laughing!


Today started off bad but quickly turned around.  After I made our gallon of green juice, I took a picture of it for my little blog.  then I dropped it and in slow motion saw the screen crack.  Drew saved the day though and reminded me I could get an upgrade so I went to AT&T and came home with a beautiful new gold IPhone 5s


When I got home I made us Chinese Orange Chicken for a late lunch. The recipe was easy and delicious.  Drew gave it a 9 which is huge for him! 😉 It did take a while only because you have to marinate and then dredge the chicken in egg/cornstarch but as long as you organize your prep area it was super easy! 🙂 No more Chinese take out full of MSG for us!


Goals for this coming up week:

  • add IN weight training into my workouts
  • Only eat home made meals.

A couple changes each week will get us to St Lucia in no time! I’m feeling better than I have in a really long time and I know it’s all due to the changes we are making.


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