It’s been a LONG couple of weeks…

I had a horrible sinus infection one week and the next I nearly sliced my toes open and had to get stitches!


Afterward I had a bad few days.  Really depressed.  We cut a few things out of our diet, nothing CRAZY but i feel like a million bucks already.  I know this, why I don’t stick to it I will never know but I’m hoping it sinks in this time 🙂 I have so much energy these days.  I like getting stuff done.

Lets see…its been cold as heck and snowed quite a bit here.  The extreme cold is pretty miserable.  Since it’s this cold I wish it would just snow! I love the snow but tomorrow’s high is 18 and there’s nothing to show for it.


Something we’ve added BACK into our diet is green juice.  I make a gallon at a time and it’s lasts us 2 days.  I used to think you have to drink it RIGHT away but even Joe the Juicer says up to 72 hrs.  I figure making a big batch ever other day is easier, takes less time and is much less clean up work. Because of the cold weather I made us a big pot of beans for tonight.  It’s not quite as good as my Dad’s but really, really close!


I can’t wait to get my stitches out on Thursday and get back in the gym!!! 🙂




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