Indoor smoker

*Wordpress just ate my post :(*Drew and I bought an AMAZING indoor smoker with some Amazon gift cards we got.  My Dad used to make smoked chicken and I loved them.  I had no clue that indoor smokers existed and got so excited when I found this one.  1st we made a whole smoked chicken


It was SOOO good we used it again a couple days later to make chicken wings



This lil bad boy is a game changer.  SOOO good!  I’m sure we will use it once a week.

Drew will be going to India once a week for the next month.  Makes it easier to eat better when he isn’t here 🙂 ha  I did decide we need to start juicing again.  Our insides need to be cleaned out!  Excited about stocking up tomorrow.


Ok back to reading my current book, Killing Jesus



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