I’ve been fighting a dang sinus infection since Christmas.  Most cooking homemade has stopped but I did manage to make us some lettuce wraps.  This recipe is SO good and pretty healthy so I encourage you to make it.  It’s funny..I recently looked back on my OLD “cooking” blog.  It’s circa 2007 and this was 1 of my 1st recipes.  At that time I really didn’t cook much.  Probably why I was skinny! 🙂 ha I couldn’t cook then and I didn’t have the money to eat out much! 🙂 Anyway click the link for PF Chang Lettuce Cups. We Love it and it’s fairly easy, healthy and VERY delicious!

ImageThe only weird thing about this was I had to go to Shoprite to buy the bean sprouts.  Whole Foods only had bean sprouts in a CAN…that makes complete sense for a health food market.

I will say Drew has been taking care of me while he was here.  It did include some very gluten filled comfort food.  He got Grands biscuits last night and we had them w/ egg and sausage. Grands always make me think of Mom/home so I was A-OK w/ that!  Anyway…I am starting to feel a bit better.  The last few days have been ROUGH.  Body aches, low fever, coughing, very sneezy and mucus-y.  No bueno!  As of tonight I feel much better I just still have no voice, which I will take! 🙂 Here is our weather for the next week. Low of ONE on Friday! So exciting 😛



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