Breakfast Muffins

I’m done counting days.  I am bound to mess up from time to time and I cant keep track! Here is a fun recipe I made yesterday

Breakfast muffins:


  • spray muffin pan
  • line with a slice of bacon
  • add a TB of shredded cheddar
  • Fill with topping (I used broccoli florets OR jalapeno slices)
  • Fill to the top w/ whipped eggs (for the 9 muffins I used 5 eggs)

Bake at 350 for 15-20 min

Yum and easy! Was nice to have something a bit different for breakfast. My only wish would be for the bacon to get crispy and baking it like this it’s cooked but not crisp at all.

Things have been good at work.  I got a raise but my hrs cut in half.  Which sounds horrible but its really not.  I wanted to work less and focus on my health for a bit.  I mentioned in passing that Drew and I would like to start house hunting a bit out here.  He then called me into his office and said down the road if i need/want full time he can give that to me.  Not now, but “down the road”. That seems exciting to me only because making a SALARY as to my part time pay would really change things for us.  It would mean we really could get that HOUSE..we could have nice vacations.  It’s something to think about…But at least for now, I’m very happy to be working 3 days a week and start working out hard the other 4!


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