Day 15

Today’s 15..I should label it day 1 since it was a bad, bad weekend but onward we go

Breakfast – Asparagus scramble & bacon


Lunch -pulled pork (no pic…pulled pork in a cup isn’t very photogenic)

Dinner – gluten free Meatloaf, green beans and mashed cauliflower

For the meatloaf I saute onion & bell pepper in bacon fat (YUM), then i mixed 2lb of beef with:

*2 eggs

*1/2 c almond meal

*1 TB tomato paste

*1 TB worchestire (sp?!) sauce

Then topped w/ some organic ketchup.  Bakes at 350 for 1 hr




The almond meal made the meat too dense.  I’ve read that almond meal absorbs a lot of liquid…I’ve never used it but now i know!

I called into work today.  I always end up feeling WORSE when I call in because I spend the whole day feeling beyond guilty about it.  oh well 😦  The weekend was bad (eating/drinking wise) but lots to reflect upon.  I read a post by a Paleo blogger who was saying at first she just set small goals for herself.  Hers happened to be: no gluten, 1 coke a week.  How SIMPLE is that.  I always try to do too much at once: no drinking, no gluten, no sugar, low carbs, work out everyday.  TOO MUCH.  So until the end of the year I want to: 1. not drink  2. not eat gluten.  After that I can add more goals in.


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