Day 8

Feeling a bit better. Not 100% still but until my eating is 100% I wont feel good either!

Breakfast – that amazing ham & a corn tort


Lunch – Starbucks Mocha…it’s JUST liquid for lunch, totally ok right? I haven’t had anything but tea from starbucks in over a yr.  My stomach was not happy w/ me after this


Dinner – marinated boneless, skinless chicken thighs w/ zuc that I roasted w/ a tiny bit of parm cheese


I also finished my next book last night.  The Silent Wife.  Everyone who’s brought this back to the library loved it. was written in the same style of Gone Girl but Gone Girl was AMAZING!!! On to the next book!


It’s pouring snow right now (day 9) and a latte sounds so perfect I need to cut the crap! Even my beloved corn torts are going away.  Oh well! Happy day 9 from a very snowy northern NJ.  Mack Brown loves to watch the snow 🙂



One thought on “Day 8

  1. ELW Essence says:

    So healthy! Just what I like and what I make for myself. Stick to this and you’ll feel a million times better. Never go back!

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