Day 6&7

Yesterday and today have been much of the same

Breakfast –


Lunch/dinner: – prosciutto, cheese, nut thins


We also spent yesterday and today snacking on a bone in Kurobuta Ham that Jana & Jamey sent us from Snake River Farms.


I like ham, especially around the holidays.  It doesn’t jump to my mind as being a fav just because it’s not something you eat often.  This ham was off the charts amazing.  Melt in your mouth goodness…You haven’t really experience ham until you’ve had one.  That good.

Been so depressed today.  While eating has been mostly good we haven’t been as dedicated this week.  I need to cut out all the crap and get focused.  I dont know what holds me back.  Just gets so frustrating.  It’s this constant endless circle – be serious for awhile, feel amazing, slip up BIG and end up hating myself.  Around and around I go. Just wish I could wake up one day and be back to my “normal” self. 😦 One day…



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