Day 5

Lunch – the usual ( I worked too early to make it for breakfast but it made a great Lunch)


Dinner was AMAZING! We wanted to splurge a little bit since it was Friday.  Us splurging use to mean getting burgers and fries from a fast food joint…now it means we had some rice w/ our gluten/low carb meal! 🙂 This is my mother in law Jana’s recipe for ‘beef stroganoff’ It’s low carb and gluten free and SOOOOOOO good

First you sear stew meat in olive oil.  Then put a whole chopped onion in, plenty of salt & good ground pepper.  Then cover the meat with red wine.



Cover and simmer for AT LEAST an hour.  I simmered it for about 2 hrs last night.  The wine reduces down to this amazing sauce.  Meanwhile, get your fav mushrooms and saute in olive oil and a bit of the same red wine.  Once the mushrooms are soft, mix them into the beef with 8oz of sour cream.  TO.DIE.FOR! We had ours on rice last night for a splurge but this would be great over veggies as well.  Going to keep this recipe in our regular rotation for winter.  Great hearty meal!


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