Day 3

I woke up feeling good.  Then I showered.  I gauge how i’m feeling based on how i feel after a shower.  My skin reactions lately have been horrible.  Yesterday on a scale of 1-10 the burning and pain was about a 12.  Today was a 7.  When I eat gf for about a wk it suddenly goes to a 3.  But my energy was up so I know I’m on the right track!

Breakfast -the usual


Lunch – leftover meat patty


Dinner – snacking! Brie w/ nut thins (forgot to pic that), and homemade beef jerky


I got to use my new dehydrator today! I love it! Any new kitchen gadget is fun…I cant wait to have a real home and build a huge kitchen filled w/ fun gadgets.  The beef jerky was better than store bought (not as tough) I can’t wait to dry some fruits this weekend and as soon as I get a meat slicer I will start making homemade chicken jerky for our lil dog…much cheaper than what I spend on buying his treats!

Drew’s in Austin tonight..I’m SOOO jealous.  but he is bringing me back some GOOD Texas corn tortillas.  I know I will eventually be more strict w/ myself and give up corn torts daily but for now it keeps me going.  I dont want to cheat as long as I have my corn torts so I’m not going to feel guilty about it.  I know if I keep to this routine I will lose weight AND feel much better, even with the corn tortillas.

I’m going to read and go to bed now.  It was a long day at work!


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