Day 2!

Why does day 2 of eating healthy feel like day 20 already?  Maybe I just had a long day.  I wish it was day 20 though..ready to feel better and lose weight 😦

Breakfast – eggs, bacon & jalapeno on corn torts


Lunch – Tuna & chicken salad on romaine (it looks huge, it was a small salad and I didn’t eat much of it, wasn’t great 😦 )


Dinner – Chicken bruschetta w/ asparagus.  This was AMAZING! Drew said he could have it once a week. 

1st I seared the chicken, topped it w/ mozz & broiled.  Then put a mixture of tomatoes, basil, olive oil and salt on top and a drizzle of balsamic.  Served it with asparagus I steam w/ a big squeeze of lemon juice.  Lemon makes everything better


yum. So, so good!  In addition to our healthy eating I got us Cod liver Oil pills today.  It’s supposed to be better than normal fish oil pills…though the REAL health nuts take Cod liver liquid.   Why is liquid better?  Faster absorption?  I dunno


So my brother is wanting to read a book a week.  I watch way too much tv and should do the same being I’m a librarian.  Last night I read Seer of Shadows by Avi.  It was a “kids” book so very quick read but really good.  I plan to alternate kids book w/ adult since I really need to know the children’s section better!


Day 2 was good…hoping for a great day 3


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