That’s what I wrote on my calendar for today 🙂 I was doing SO well…workouts in the morning.  Totally gluten free.  Felt AMAZING.  Energy through the roof and I was in such a better mood.  Well my Mom and brother came in town and all rules went out the window.  Back to feeling horrible.  So today it’s time to get serious again!

I didn’t work out this morning but my eating was on point!

Breakfast – egg & bacon on corn torts w/ jalapenos


Lunch – fruit smoothie w/ almond milk, blueberries, peaches, strawberries, spinach & a banana


Snack – smoked salmon w/ capers and lemons.  I had a few Nut Thins w/ it.  So glad I found Nut Thins! GF and the perfect salty crunch

IMG_5244 DIA-05278-0

Dinner – beef patty w/ broc & beans


I’ve been so depressed these past few days…mainly just disappointed in myself.  I know if I stick to this though I will be back on the right track.  Tomorrow I’ll be back in the gym!


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