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I have been working as a public Librarian now for 9 full months.  I have my masters but the first few months I felt as though I had little more than a high school diploma.  I knew how to teach but I knew nothing about libraries.  Truth is I hated reading…I’ve hated it all my life.  So when people would come to me saying “i need to know where the Cabin Creek books are” that small question stumped me much less the questions like “I like books by Macomber who else should I read now?”  Those types of questions took long Google searches.  My co-workers with lesser degrees could answer these questions on a dime.  I felt less than..horrible at my job.  

Now that I have my programs in place and a knowledge of the collection I feel pretty amazing.  I’m running, basically, a preschool at the library and I now LOVE to read and can recommend any book based on what I’m reading or what other people are checking out.  I LOVE my job!!!   I’ve had a HIGH up politician’s wife coming to my programs.  She brings in her grandaughter.  She told me today they were wondering if the little girl should start preschool but my weekly programs meet the need for now *the girl is 2 yrs old…NJ start schooling EARLY*  She went on and on about how their previous town had a bad library program but she LOVES what I provide!! Feels SOOO good!! Here is an article about her husband: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/19/nyregion/19divincenzo.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0


pretty cool!!


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