Lets get real…

i’m having a bad day!!! My eating has been clean!! eggs, bacon, protein, some sort of veggie


Last night i had bacon for dinner…just bacon.  I never understood the EXTREME love of bacon until I had it all by itself…pretty amazing stuff.  This morning I woke up feeling GREAT…light on my feet, ton of energy.  I looked at my profile in the mirror (i usually avoid mirrors) but my stomach looked smaller.  I was excited to weigh myself.  I was actually reluctant to weigh myself because “if i have a good loss I will probably eat something bad as a ‘reward'”.  Got on the scale and I was UP SIX POUNDS!!!!  I thought something must be way off so I got on again.  Nope same crazy number staring back at me.  While the logical part of my brain says this is all water, SOMETHING must be up.  The human side of me felt fatter than ever.  Not proud of myself like i was when I woke up.

Drew thinks since it’s colder out i’m not sweating as much now and my body is holding on to much more water.  I need to amp up my workouts.  Walking 3 miles in the 65 degree weather doesn’t break much of a sweat.  Soooo sad


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