43 days till Disney!

I have no idea what day I’m on so that will have to do. Eats have been good!! I got an amazing grilled veggie & chicken salad Friday & made egg salad in a romaine wrap w/ bacon. That was low carb amazingness.



Let’s see…I’ve been busy! Friday I went to a city called Mahwah for a librarians meeting. Mahwah is 40 min north & right on the NY state line. It was beautiful up there. Huge rolling hills.
Saturday was boring. Today, being the first day of fall, was a GLORIOUS day in northern NJ!! I did startmy day with a pumpkin spice latte. It was 50 out & I had to. We decorated the apt for fall & then Drew went to work & I went to a Greek festival. I was a little weirded out going alone but I want to break out of my shell more. It was at this BEAUTIFUL Greek orthodox church. Lots of little vendors & tons of food. The men were out grilling. I got a gyro. I ate part of the pita but mostly just the filling…trying to be somewhat good. I did try the baklava too but just had a bite. I’m really glad I went. I’m on a mission to do more while we are here. This area has so much to offer



Then because it was so amazing outside I went on a 45 min walk. SO beautiful out!!

Goals for this next week: walk outside EVERY day. & stay on track at least 90% of each day (really hoping for 100%!!)

*i had to write this on my iPad because my laptop is at Apple being repaired. Hope it comes out ok!!


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