Day 13 & 14 (i think)

My eating has been boring lately.  Some sort of protein, collards, and cauliflower mash.  Drew did get us salad bowls from Chipotle one day.  Wordpress isn’t letting me resize but they are pretty boring pics anyway.  There were some great days, some eh days.  I haven’t being eating much at night and I think that’s helping.  Night time is when I usually eat the most and go way off track so not eating at all is actually a good thing for me! 🙂  I want to try fasting for a couple days.  I have an appt w/ my Dr Monday so we will see how that goes.  



2 thoughts on “Day 13 & 14 (i think)

  1. Natalie says:

    I just found a recipe on Pinterest the other day. I too, eat a ton of cauliflower. In this recipe, prepare cauliflower mash as you normally would and then add a couple tablespoons of pesto. It looks amazing and isn’t on my menu this week, but it will for sure make it there. Just kind of mixes things up — and then I pictures grilled chicken scooping up the pest mash —- mmmmmmmmmm

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