Day 11 & 12

Sunday started w/ cheddar eggs & collards.  I LOOOOVE my collards 🙂



I then made mashed cauliflower and steaks for Drew..I had no appetite still last night. 😦  I’ve made mashed cauliflower in the past when doing low carb and i was using a mixer.  The cauliflower would stay pretty stringy.  This time I put steamed cauliflower, full fat greek yogurt, a splash of cream, salt & pepper in my Vitamix.  I put the pureed cauliflower in a pan & topped w/ cheddar…baked it just till the cheddar got bubbly.  The Vitamix made ALL the difference in the world!!!! It was smooth and amazing just like normal mashed potatoes.  SO good



I took the day off of work today to spend some time with Drew.  We started w/ our normal eggs & bacon. But this afternoon we did treat ourselves to some wine and Italian.  I am eating much smaller portions though and have noticed my sugar craving has gone from I HAVE TO HAVE SOMETHING SWEET to eh…I like it but can do without.  That alone is huge.  I plan on going to bed EARLY tonight and getting back in the saddle 100% tomorrow


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