Day 6

Breakfast before work was cheddar eggs & bacon


Today at work I invited the mayor of Roseland come read to the kids for story time. It was a nice change.  AFTER story time I found out a grandma who brought her little grandaughter is the wife of some BIIIG UP New Jersey politician, “Joe D”  My boss freaked out about it..i have no clue.  But it was a fun morning with the mayor.


For snack I brought dried fruit and mac nuts.  Lunch was a bit of chicken and brussel sprouts and dinner was a blue cheese salad & bbq from a local joint.  (note dinner was shared w/ Drew and it was so bad we didn’t eat much of it.  NJ doesn’t know how to BBQ)



At dinner it hit me.  Head in a vice, HORRIBLE sinus pressure.  I went from feeling great to death 30 min later.  I really think it’s the crazy weather we are having.  The highs all weekend were 70…today was 86, tomorrow 91! then back to high of 66 the next day.  At any rate it’s 8pm and i’m in bed 😦


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