Day 5

Woke up early…6:30 but groggy still.  Hoping that will fade again.  I like waking up early and getting stuff done.  Breakfast was cheddar eggs and collards. (YUUUM)



Lunch was mac nuts, dried apricots, a little dried mango and a Kombucha



After work I ran to the grocery store & grabbed a few snacks and essentials (bacon & eggs!) So for dinner we snacked…a few buffalo wings, a few bites of jerky, a little chicken salad and collard greens.  It was a lot of snacking but our OLD snacking was fast food bread sticks, cheese sticks, dollar menu burgers.  So I think keeping it low carb, high protein is MUUUUCH better 🙂

I looked through old pics from a little over a yr ago…i took “fat” pics of myself after gaining weight after the wedding. And those pics look skinny to me now 😦  But i keep telling myself LIFE has happened…Drew and I have been through a lot.  We moved across the country, his brother passed suddenly, we were living as a couple alone for the 1st time EVER, we went through a real rough patch in our marriage.  All that played it’s toll on me.  The good news is that we are AMAZING now and finally doing something about it.  I can’t keep hating myself and hiding because of it.  Here’s to day 6

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