Day 4

Woke up SOOO tired and grumpy again.  Didn’t get out of bed till 9! No me gusta

Breakfast was cheddar eggs and a tiny buffalo burger patty. (the pic makes it look bigger than it was)  Bison meat is SOOO much better than beef.  The taste reminds me of the beef patties my grandma would make for us when we were kids.  They just have such a strong beef flavor.  love it



Since I wasn’t feeling great and tired all day I had a light “lunch”…more like snack.  Had a kombucha and my dried mango.  The mango is like candy even though it’s preservative & sugar free.  Next week I will buy a lb of it at the farmer’s market!



For dinner I made collard greens.  I’ve never in my life made collard greens…guess I’m missing the south.  First I sauteed onion, garlic & chili flakes in olive oil.  Added a box of chicken broth & smoked ham.  Let the broth simmer for an hr.  Then added the cleaned and washed collards.  Took out the ham and chopped it up…simmered the greens for like 25 min (I like them a tiny bit crunch not mushy) then added them ham back in





My dinner was tasting the greens as they cooked…since I’ve never cooked them I had to taste lots. For my 1st time, the greens came out GREAT.  I learned a lot though.  LOTS less ham, LOTS more greens.  Less salt.  I plan on making them a lot this winter.  If only we could have some cornbread with this.  It would be perfect.

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