Day 3

Whew what a day!!  Started out fantastic.  I woke up at 6:30 full of energy..picked up the house a bit started laundry and made breakfast.  Delicious cheddar eggs & bacon.  I want to use dairy sparingly so i just added a touch of cheddar.  The energy in the morning is huge for me.  I’m usually a slug in bed till at least 8 these days and am so grumpy.


Then I headed out to work at 10.  We had the 100th anniversary for the Roseland Volunteer Fire Department Parade today.  I walked in the Memorial Day parade here for the library and was expecting much of the same…a couple churches, girl scouts.  This was totally different, it was a HUGE parade!  So my bosses and I got to the start of the parade around 11:30.  Wait around wait around and wait around till we finally march out around 1:30.  March for about a mile through Roseland but it was all downhill…YAY!  At the end of the parade was a huge festival the city put on for everyone.  Free drinks and BBQ.  I did stray and have a burger. 😦 Looking back i’m so mad because I could have easily done without the bun but it is what it is.  After we ate we walked 2 miles UPHILL back to the library.  Perhaps all my walking and being on my feet for so long can make up for my mistake.  Here are parade pictures.



This little boy is one of my babies who comes to my story times and crafts every week. I adore him!! He was “marching” with his church r in the parade.  The last picture is my viewpoint as we were walking in the parade 🙂


I met a lot of high ups today.  Public libraries are big on networking so my boss introduced me to the mayor and chief of police as well as many of the board members from the library.  Was a fun day but i’m exhausted!!

On to day 4!


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