Texas Hot

We are having an extreme heat wave in the north east…it’s Texas hot.  In fact hotter than Texas.  With the humidity here I think I might die.  More on that later.

I tried 2 new recipes recently.  One for a healthier Bang Bang Shrimp.  All you do is grill shrimp and then baste it with a mixture of mayo, siracha, sweet chili sauce and scallions. We had it with a big salad


Was it good? yes…would I make it again, no.  So I won’t bother to post the site I got the recipe from.

Yesterday I made Chicken Taco Casserole.  This is not really healthy but PORTION control helps 🙂 This recipe is a keeper.  Kind of like King Ranch Casserole.  Layer crushed chips, chicken mixture, then cheese and repeat.



This was a WINNER.  And it is so much better w/ some fresh chips on top for crunch.  Drew had 2 servings it was that good 🙂

Anyway…This past weekend was crazy for us.  Drew was on the runway in San Fran ready to take off to come back home when the plane crash happened.  He was pulled off the plane and stuck in San Fran for an extra day.  I didn’t feel sorry for him though.  A WHOLE day in SF to be a tourist and it’s 55 degrees out there and a 97 here! He finally got home last night though 🙂  By Friday our high is back to 81 so that will be nice!

I started Gone Girl on Saturday and I’m almost done w/ it.  That says a lot.  I’m not a huge reader (i know i’m a librarian it’s my job but i’ve never liked it much) I’m a SLOW reader so the fact that i’ve sat and read this book for hours says a lot.  SO GOOD.  Everyone says it’s slow at the start…i liked it from the start.  She did a lot of character development but I finally hit the BIG action so i get why people say it’s slow.  It’s a must read. SO GOOD!!!! And hopefully a movie soonish!



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