Happy 4th!

Tonight for the 4th I tried out another Pinterest recipe.  Cheddar Jalapeno Chicken Burgers

The only thing I really changed about the recipe was I added more cilantro and I roasted the jalapeno before I added it to the meat mix. And we added bacon…mainly because bacon makes everything better and cooking in bacon fat is the best.



We ate it with black beans and corn I got at the farmers market.  The burger had great flavor but less cilantro next time 🙂

My mantra for this week has been: LOTS of little changes will add up to a BIG result.  We have completely changed our habits this last week.

  • No drinking – at all ever even a bit.
  • No take out! I dont mean the occasional restaurant date…we had become king & queen of fast food and pizza delivery…NEVER again.
  • Sweat every day…I’ve found these walking DVDs at the library and on demand that are amazing
  • More veggies every day
  • Make healthier swaps…brown rice over white, wheat over white bread, etc
  • Being more aware of when to STOP eating

LITTLE changes will add up to BIG results! Drew has lost 10lbs this week (typical man) and I have lost 6! Not by starving but just changing our lifestyle. I’m proud of us 🙂


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