Great day…finally!

This past week at work has been pretty horrible.  It was the 1st week of our summer reading program and I’ve been working some long days. I thought the drama of parents giving me evil looks because they are mad I replaced their friend was over but it’s gotten MUCH worse.  But oh well…I’m trying to grow my thick Jersey skin and get over it 🙂

Today was such a nice day! Drew and I ALWAYS stay in since he travels so much.  Today Drew took me on a sushi lunch date though! It was so nice!!! We tried a place here that gets great reviews called Kim’s Sushi.  It’s a tiny hole in the wall but it was really amazing!!  My favorite was the white tuna sashimi I got.  I’ve always been scared of plain sashimi vs pieces of sushi I usually get but it was SO fresh and delicious.  Next time I go I’ll get a few different sashimi much healthier too!

ImageTonight Drew and I made a great frittata for dinner.

First we cooked several strips of bacon and set it aside.  In the bacon grease we sauteed onion, tomato and jalapeno


In a small bowl we whipped up 5 eggs with a little salt and lots of pepper and set aside.  In a larger bowl you place the chopped bacon, sauteed veg and some shredded cheddar and slowly add in the egg mixture.  Then you put all of the mix in a well oiled lidded pan, cover it and cook on low for about 8 min.  The temp of the pan is a little tricky because the bottom can burn easily while the top is not quite done.


After it’s set you flip in onto a cutting board.  It’s so yummy and pretty healthy.  I love how versatile frittatas are!

ImageI’ve been reading a lot lately and got through Room and Caroline Manzo’s book.  Room was AMAZING and I highly, highly recommend it. It was a bit sad…really a fictional story that was very similar to the Jaycee Dugard story but written from the child’s point of view. And in other news the heat wave hit us last week with highs in the 90s.  It was pretty miserable because of the humidity here and we already got so spoiled with the nice summer weather.  Thankfully our nice weather is BACK.  I don’t care if it’s stormy, I will gladly take cooler temps!



One thought on “Great day…finally!

  1. husband says:

    Mr. Kim made amazing sushi rolls. Wife’s frittata was more amazing and a great late night lite dinner. Glad I’m home a few days with the wife. Stay cool everyone!

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