Is this thing still on?!

Life has been busy…and I have been lazy.  Very lazy.  I keep telling myself to pretend like I have energy to do things.  It’s not working quite yet.  Hopefully soon! 🙂 I was reading through OLD posts here…like 3 years ago and I used to be SO healthy.  It depresses me.

I’ve started seeing a Dr about my health and to get me going in the right direction.  I had every test run and a full heart check.  I was terrified about the heart check…I just haven’t felt well and was so worried something was wrong with my heart like was wrong with my Dad’s.  But my check up came back pretty well.  My inflammation levels are down from 8 to 5…still should be about 1 and some other numbers are kind of off but I think with right eating and weight loss they will all be fixed.  So I’ll go back to healthy cooking and be posting here more as I try my Pinterest recipes.

Work has been ok…I have to talk at the Elementary tomorrow morning infront of the whole school! A school that is publicly trying to bring in the lady I replaced.  *so awkward*  But the perks of my job are that I have adorable kids to play with during the day and I get to check out fun books.  My current stack for personal reading:



So here’s to better health and posting more!  And in other news, I’m VERY sad about my fav New Jerseyan! 😦 RIP Tony



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