I’ve wanted to incorporate intermittent fasting to my routine.  I’ve tried it before and have failed miserably.  Thanks to my vitamix I’ve been able to add smoothies and “soups” to my fasting periods.  That has helped greatly!  I LOVE my vitamix.  I first made a tomato basil “soup”.  It was good..but not my fav


I’ve also been making some amazing smoothies w/ a bit of unsweetened almond milk



I’ve still been using my juicer once a day to make a green juice.  I went about 2 1/2 days just liquids and i was not fun to be around.  SUPER moody for poor drew.  Headaches, sweating.  So I had a meal (by meal i mean i had a salad w/ some tuna on it) cause I was starving and was happy to find I could  not eat as much as I usually do.  I think this is the answer for curing my relationship w/ food.  AND I’ve lost 5lbs (in water weight) in the 3 days I’ve been having mostly liquids.  Having a liquid diet makes you more aware of what you’re eating and how hungry you ACTUALLY are.  I love it so far!


In other news, spring has REALLY sprung in New Jersey! It’s so fun for me to see the seasons change….something that doesn’t occur in Texas.  Fall colors had me in awe and the spring blossoms are doing just the same.  I’ve never seen such pretty colors!







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