My Vitamix came in today…can you hear the angles singing?!?! I’M SO EXCITED!!!! We have used it all day!  Tonight I made a tortilla soup recipe from Vitamix. Throw a bunch of veggies, stock and seasonings in a blender…end with a thick, creamy AMAZING soup.  It doesn’t get healthier/better than that. (We did add a bit of cheese on top) It was delish




We also made a sorbet in the vitamix.  Frozen fruit, coconut water and ice.  While it DID turn into a perfect sorbet the flavor was way off.  Unsweetened frozen fruit tastes like ice basically.  I’ll need to play with some natural, sugar/sweetener free, paleo friendly desserts



We’ll need to figure out a good sorbet recipe soon because it went from winter to early summer over night here 😦 High of 80 today!!!  It wasn’t breezy spring time in Austin 80 either…still, humid and 80.  Miserable. 


4 thoughts on “Heavenly

  1. Yae! New toy! Looks like a great soup!
    If I were playing…I would add tbsp honey (oops, I guess not paleo), less ice, maybe a dash of salt????
    Now I am thinking about my blender…..
    Have fun!

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