Rock lobstah

*thats how you say it up here :)*

I’ve been craving lobster like mad lately.  I think I’ve had it a couple times in my life but it’s been at least a decade since I’ve even tried it.  Today I finally got my fix though!  I went to lunch w/ my neighbor and her little girl and the restaurant, Toast, offered a lobster roll so I got it sans bread and w/ a side salad.  Thankfully it wasn’t coated in mayo…was just amazing fresh lobster with butter on the side.  SO SO SO good

my breakfast and amazing lunch



Came home to drew and made him his lunch and green juices for the both of us to take to work tonight.  We both forgot our juice so looks like I’ll have a BIG green juice for dinner when I get off work tonight!



Now that I’ve had my fix of amazing lobster I just want more! It can’t be *that* hard to perfectly boil a lobster right?  My main concern would be cracking the thing open properly.  We will see if I take that on.

In other news I finally got a library card.  I’m a childrens librarian and went 3 months on the job w/ no library card (because i needed to go to my home library to register and have been too lazy) I checked out my 1st book tonight! SO exciting! 🙂 It’s the little things. AND I re-ordered a vitamix! I had canceled my original order because I felt guilty. It’s a really expensive toy.  I convinced Drew we needed it  to make amazing Paleo treats!  YAY


 In other other news i’ll be going to Texas a lot in May and that’s REALLY exciting.  At the beg. of the month for my grandma’s 90th then at the end to Austin for a play contest w/ my mom and bro.  really looking forward to that!


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