Recipe FAIL

Yesterday I started w/ a successful “recipe”.  I used leftover roasted sweet potato and cubed roast.  Sauteed that in a pan with butter and some spices and topped it w/ a poached egg.  AMAAAAZING! i loved it



I also tried a BluePrint juice yesterday.  Picked it up at Whole Foods.  I’m very thankful I never ordered a cleanse from BluePrint! Holy moly…the parsley was way too strong.  I MUCH prefer my green juices 🙂



Coming to my recipe fail tonight.  The plan was to make a turkey burger and serve it on a roasted portobello cap.  Easy enough right?  Well I wanted to spice up the meat so I decided I’d make a salsa/chimichuri sauce to mix into the meat.  Jalapeno, garlic, cilantro, lime juice, onion  all blended together.  Poured into the meat. Blended and left to marinate so the meat gets extra delicious.  Sounds do able??? right??


big fat WRONG.  It was disgusting.  In fact Drew started gagging when he took a bite.  HA  you win some you lose some! On to tomorrow! 🙂 Hopefully my brain will stop trying to be creative in the kitchen


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