long lost friend

Every couple of weeks Drew says “why haven’t you updated Good Eats?!?!? YOUR FANS need an update” your fans? HAHAHA so funny.  Truth is work has been crazy and a huge wave of depression hit me.  To start things at work changed and I’ve been forced to take on a lot more than I expected with out a change in pay.  Stress from that and going from seeing Drew every waking min he was home to rarely took it’s toll.  BUT prayers worked and i’m finally letting go of my stress and learning to deal with life as it comes 🙂

We have NOT been eating right lately but we cut out the alcohol and sugar and started juicing again.  Your diet so controls how you think and feel.  Now that the weather is finally getting a tiny bit nicer I need to start going back to the city more and take advantage of all this area has to offer.  I’m going to book tickets to a musical for April.  I’m going to see Tom Hanks in Nora Ephron’s Lucky Guy.  Trying to convince Drew to come with and we can make a weekend of it in the city.  How can you say NO to Tom Hanks?!?!


SOOOO I guess I’ll be blogging again as often as I can. 🙂


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