Finding Nemo

Yesterday feels like a life time ago.  It was a horrible and quite possibly one of the most stressful days I’ve had in years.  I had to work…when I left at 8:30 the snow was already coming down pretty steady but nothing crazy


My boss let me go at noon.  By that time there was probably around 6-8 inches and the snow was coming down way too fast for road crews to keep up with.  I brushed my car off but by the time i drove 2 feet it was already covered and very hard to see out any windows but the front.  I went and stocked up on some soup, sandwiches and wine for the storm.  A back road i took had a hill that my car would NOT get up….the car would spin and fish tail each time i hit the gas.  But it was a back road so I just reversed and turned back around easily. Took a different route home.  Finally get to our complex and the entrance has a pretty nice incline.  My car could NOT handle it . Each time I pressed the gas…more spinning…more fish tailing.  This time to reverse would be on to a really busy street and the snow covering my car made this impossible.  I called Drew in hysterics sobbing cause I was so scared someone else would turn into the complex and slam right into me.  The I was in a spot impossible to see for someone turning in.  THANKFULLY Drew could easily walk to me and carefully reversed.  He took a back way into our complex.  My covered parking is up yet another hill and the Benz just could not get up though other cars around were zipping up just find.  So my car is in uncovered parking and plow trucks have been clearing roads all day today.  All the piled up snow from plows now surrounds my poor car 😦 Drew got called in on a mission to Zurich so i’m stuck at home till Monday.  ugh  Here are some pictures.  Mack took shelter under bushes to go potty…silly dog.. Time to get some better tires for my car so I can actually drive next time.






One thought on “Finding Nemo

  1. Jana Cast says:

    I would have burst out crying too! Your day sounded really stressful….glad you are OK. Do they use snow tires or chains in Jersey?

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