The Traveling Texan

It’s been a long time.  I’ve been busy with work, tired, sick.  But during all of that I had the wild idea to start a little company.  I want to start a little salsa company up here cause the salsa in NJ is HORRIBLE.  I want to sell it at the summer farmers market which happens to be right behind the library I work at and call it the Traveling Texan.  We will see.  I did make some of my amazing salsa today for super bowl snacks.

Roasted AMAZING nj tomatos, onion & jalapeno



Blended that with plenty of salt, garlic and cilantro.  THE BEST salsa.  And so easy



My neighbor is behind this whole idea for a business and we both think it could go over huge here since even the “fresh” pico de gallo from Whole Foods is DISGUSTING.  I’m giving her a to go cup of this for her to sample.  Could be a fun project but starting a small business even just for a few farmers markets is a huge task. We shall see.

Work is busy too. I’ve been put in charge of doing book orders for the library.  Not just children’s..the WHOLE library. My first event I’m hosting at work is on March 1st…I’m doing a family movie night for Dr. Seuss’ bday.  I want everything to be PERFECT.  I made these Lorax moustache straws for the kids to drink smoothies out of



Tomorrow I start a 10 day juice fast.  I fully intend to supplement the juices with veggies and fruit but nothing more.  I’ll be posting more as I go with that

One thought on “The Traveling Texan

  1. husband says:

    salsa was great, in other news i got other visa for india. good luck with the salsa business cause india wants to make me a permanent resident.

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