This meal was inspired by my father in law.  He’s learning to cook and made his own ratatouille AND he told me about the app Snapguide where I found this recipe

*I was in the kitchen for 2 hours with this so bear with me*

First I roasted bell peppers and while that was going I sauteed onion & garlic in olive oil

Image Image


I chopped some quality canned tomatoes and the roasted peppers and added that to the onions



I let that sautee for a bit then added some of the sauce from the tomatoes and fresh thyme.  Let that simmer for about 30 min. Then I put the sauce in the bottom of a circular dish


For my recipe I used yellow squash, zuc & eggplant.  You can use whatever you want really.  Sliced them thin on a mandolin. Then arranged them on top of the sauce.  I topped it with a mixture of olive oil, fresh crushed garlic, thyme, salt & pepper



Bake covered at 275 for 2 hours then uncover at 350 for 30 min

We will be having this for dinner with some penne pasta.  Ever since I started working I havent felt TOO keen on cooking.  I’m tired when I get home BUT working has made me realize how sedentary I have been.  Glad to be up and out of the house!


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