Vegan Quesadillas



That picture is really blurry but these were delicious!! 

First I julienned zuc, onion, green onion and bell peppers 



Tossed the veggies with oil, cumin, lemon pepper, salt, pepper & cayenne.  Then sauteed till the veggies were soft.  Once the veggies cooled I tossed in Vegan shredded cheese



Then stuffed the mixture in tortillas & toasted.  I topped them with Veganaise that I mixed with adobo sauce, cilantro and more chopped green onion.



The only thing I’m having trouble giving up is eggs..I have an egg on toast EVERY morning and have for years. I got some oatmeal to replace it but I dont like sugary breakfasts.  hmmmm


4 thoughts on “Vegan Quesadillas

  1. Glad they were as good as they sound and look! I just got back from a dinner convinced I will have to cook for myself. I ordered grilled veg with rice, no cheese. Of course there was melted cheese. The owner came and took my plate only to replace it with steak and rice. Oh well, I tried.

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