Fun fun in the city!!


I went into the city this afternoon to see Grace, a play with Paul Rudd, an actor I LOOOOVE.  The play was crazy.  I knew nothing about it going into it.  Basically Paul Rudd is a super Christian guy (funny they had a Newsboys song in the play) His wife gets lonely, falls in love w/ the neighbor & Paul Rudd ends up killing his neighbor, his wife & himself.  CRAZY play but really good.

Here are my pictures from the city:








The craziest thing happened before the play.  I got to the theatre early and was waiting outside.  I heard “Love is a Battlefield” playing loudly next to me…look over and see a crowd.  I walk over and Pat Benatar is randomly having an outdoor concert.  I wonder what was going on.  It was outside of the Fox studio and there were professional cameras filming.  She sang a few songs and said the original Colette from Les Mis was preforming next.  I wanted to stay but had to get to the show.  Oh well it was REALLY fun!!!!!



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