Anti Inflammation diet

I’ve been reading a lot lately on my IPad and just picked up this book on how to eat to improve inflammation



CRP is the level of inflammation in the body…normal is 1-2, 3 is high, mine at last check was 8.3.  I’ve begged 2 doctors to re run my levels but they both thought CRP level is bogus.  Either way, heart disease runs in my family and after months of feeling sick I had a little come to Jesus moment with myself.  I need to get in tip top shape before we can even think about a baby.  This book has tons of great information and really encourages a whole life make over.

Diet: Promotes a Mediterranean diet.  Whole grains, low fat, healthy fats, less animal protein more soy protein, low dairy

Exercise/Meditation: Suggests at least 30 min every day and meditation every day.  I started biking 10 miles a day recently and today meditated for the 1st time ever!! I think Christians think meditation is this evil practice but really it’s just breathing and relaxing to de stress.

So today off to Whole Foods I went and stocked up on a few goodies

Breakfast: Pumpkin protein shake with chia sees (SO delish)



Lunch: green juice



Dinner: Tuna (with olive oil, lemon juice & capers) with edamame & whole grain melba toast



I’ve also added black tea & a probiotic daily



So heres to a lower CRP 🙂

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