It comes in handy to have a badge

A few days ago I got pulled over by a cop.  I was at a red light, looked down at my phone because Drew loooooves to text me when i’m out and to my defense I was using Suri to respond.  On go the lights behind me. I haven’t been pulled over since I was 18 and I was a hot mess.  My hands were shaking, I couldn’t find any documents I needed, I lost my wallet in the huge purse I own, my elbow hit the horn.  Poor cop! I apologized and said we just moved from Texas I thought voice command would be ok.  The cop asked why we moved..I said Drew works for Homeland Security.  He asked for a picture of him in uniform or his badge, “you must have a picture of that I’m sure he’s a good looking guy”  me: “well sir, he works undercover hmmm” I open facebook frantically looking for anything and gave up.  He let me go saying “here in New Jersey we are nice and we give priorities to families of law enforcement.  You wont get out of every ticket but I’ll let you go”  WHEW!

Low Carb eats this week:



Alice Springs Chicken:

cajun spiced chicken breast w/ bacon, sauteed mushrooms and onion



Grilled pork tenderloin w/ veggies


I still am not feeling 100%.  How is this possible?!?!?! I’m going to force myself to get out tomorrow though.  Get back in the gym and run a couple errands.  Drew left for Ireland tonight. I made all his travel buddies chicken salad sammiches for the trip.  He’ll be back Monday! yay


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