Snow day

When I woke up this morning it was snowing! It snowed pretty hard till about 6pm.  It’s so beautiful


I had my first driving in snow experience today.  I had to get out to go to the Dr. about my ear yet again.  All major roads are cleared & salted so it’s not a big deal but on my way home I had to go through a residential back road that had not been plowed. Before I knew it my car was swerving right.  I was skidding right into a pole.  I surprisingly stayed really calm and kept telling myself to turn into the swerve…thankfully the road was empty so it wasn’t a big deal.  My car then spun around to the left and I was finally able to get it under control.  People from New Jersey don’t know how to drive ever but Texans don’t know how to drive in the snow!

Tonight for dinner I made us quinoa with black beans and corn w/ flank steak.  This is based off a recipe my mother in law gave me

First I marinated the steak in worcestershire sauce, lime juice & fresh pressed garlic for a few hours.  While the quinoa was cooking I sauteed a can of rinsed black beans, corn, garlic and roasted red pepper.  Used salt, pepper and cumin to season


Then I combined the veggies w/ the quinoa and mixed in a little cilantro with the juice of 2 limes.  (the lime juice makes all the difference in the world).  Topped it all off with the grilled steak


It was quick, easy, super healthy and delicious! Thanks Jana!

While my mom was in town we went to see Lincoln. It was pretty slow but a GREAT film.  Because of it I started reading Killing Lincoln.  I’m not too interested in Civil War history and thought it would be boring but I can’t put it down. GREAT book.  I recommend reading it before watching the movie just so you know more about his life.  I can’t wait to start Killing Kennedy next!


I love all the Christmas decorations that are going up around town.  I passed this cute little park yesterday.  Love it! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Snow day

  1. Jana Cast says:

    Glad you blogged about the two books you are reading….Grandad was asking me if they would be good Christmas gifts for you….so, got any suggestions for a gift he could get you?

    • hmmm the only thing that comes to mind is The Body Shop…drew & i both use a line of their skin care products. Does grandad have Killing Lincoln? We both think he would like it!

      • Jana Cast says:

        OK, I’ll tell him about the Body Shop. And, he does not have Killing Lincoln…good Christmas gift for him!

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