Blogger Sunday

A blog I follow suggested today be blogger Sunday since we have Black Friday, small business Saturday & cyber Monday.  Sunday needed something 🙂

I have had such a struggle of what to eat, how to eat.  Veggie? Low cal? Low carb? No gluten? No dairy? After really focusing on how certain foods effect me I made the call to do low carb/low dairy.  I can’t live totally w/out dairy but I can cut it out greatly.  I don’t want to be like Atkins style but I know gluten effects me so being sure to cut that out completely is the goal.  I will keep green juices & fruits.  Thankfully Drew’s on board.  We both started to eat so unhealthy and because I don’t work being much more sedentary has really had an impact.

So we started Friday.  I actually love cutting out carbs because it forces me to be more creative and I end up eating much more veggies which is good!  I made us a bunless burger w/ sauteed spinach before Drew left.  I love making this because its such comfort food



Today I made roasted brussel sprouts and chicken w/ a dab of fresh ricotta & prosciutto di parma. Amazing.  Here’s how you make the best brussel sprouts.

Sautee bacon for about 3 min.  Then add in a chopped onion & the cleaned brussel sprouts.  Add about 1 TB of olive oil to the pan and plenty of salt & pepper.  Cook in a 375 oven for about 20 min







Have I mentioned how much I love New Jersey?  The other day we happened upon a little Irish group playing bagpipes.  It was amazing!!!  AND it is going to snow again this week! Love it!



I’m excited about finally getting back on track and healthy again.  


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