On the mend…finally!

Went back to the Dr. After looking in my ears and hearing my cough she says “oh no this is not good you are only 30% better and you now have a double ear infection”  30%? Where do Drs come up w/ this stuff?  I explained I had bad ears and need a really strong antibiotic.  She gave me new meds and said if this doesn’t work the next step is the hospital.  My Dr here is apparently very dramatic.  Ha I ran a high fever all day Friday but today I have felt good all day! So happy I’m finally getting better before my Mom comes Monday.  I think adding back a huge green juice daily has helped me get better.

I bought myself some goodies and had a couple of nice surprises come in the mail.  I got myself some new work out shoes and tickets to the Broadway show Grace.  I LOVE Paul Rudd and Ed Asner is iconic so I’m really exited about that.  I got tickets to a matinee so I can take Mack to his play group that day and already had a dream/nightmare that all the under studies were preforming.  I hope that doesnt happen!

Drew and I both got sweet get well soon cards from Jana in the mail.  That was a nice surprise AND Drew got me these pretty custom license plates for my car.  I love them!!

Drew and I are going to finally get back in the gym tomorrow…feels like it’s been forever and then he’s off to India.  I CAN’T wait for my mom to be here Monday! It’s going to be a great week.


One thought on “On the mend…finally!

  1. husband says:

    Enjoy your week with Marianne and I’m super proud your getting more comfortable going into NYC on your own to see Broadway.

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