Dont go to Shop Rite on a Wednesday



Caldwell is an OLD town.  Everyone here is either early 30’s or LATE 80’s it seems.  I always forget what day alllllll the retirement communities in the area take residents to our Shop Rite and as I pulled up yesterday for the daily soup fix I realized it was my lucky day.  I love older people but New Jersey doesn’t do things big like Texas.  The aisles of the store are tiny.  If a person isn’t flush agains the side w/ their cart there is no getting around them w/ yours.  Older people doen’t seem to be as mindful about people trying to get around and it makes your trip 5x longer.  🙂 I’ll try to be more patient.  Here is our amazing soup we got yesterday



Today we are juice fasting.  As we pulled out the juicer, it Drew OH THIS IS WHY WE GOT SICK.  We haven’t juiced in a long time.  




Today is the 1st day I feel human since having the flu.  Yesterday was a BAD day and today my *other* ear is starting to hurt.  I think I was born w/ ear infections 😦 I think the antibiotic she put me on just isn’t strong enough for my stupid ears.  We will see…I go back tomorrow.  I wanted to go to the gym today but I think I should wait.  And just because we need a token Mack Brown pic here he is in his little hoodie.  It was 28 this morning.  His little ears were cold!



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