The flu finally hit me Sunday night.  This must be some horrible strain Drew brought from India…it’s been bad 😦  It’s kind of like a bi polar flu though..I have a few spurts of feeling GREAT and i’ll make all these plans for the next day and then the hit by a bus feeling comes creeping back. And because I’m me I of course have an ear infection on top of everything.  As miserable as we have been I will say it’s been SO nice not to stress about work.  Don’t have to feel guilty about calling in, feel guilty about what parents or my boss will think of me because i’m sick…not have to write 5 pages of SUB PLANS.  Not forcing myself back to work before I can get healthy.  It’s been nice to just RELAX and be sick.  Our diet has been whatever we can get and keep down..mainly soup, gatorade and today I stocked up on ice cream

Drew said I shouldn’t put this pic of our soup in because it looks gross but our grocery store does home made soups and this broccoli soup was amazing despite looking like baby food





Hopefully we will be over this soon.  My mom comes in less than a week!!!


4 thoughts on “Flu

  1. Jana Cast says:

    Drew, you are soooooo bad, but funny! Jen, hang in there. I know you will be feeling much better for your Mom’s holiday visit! 🙂

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