Snow, how I miss you

Mack hated the snow at 1st and refused to go outside.  We figured out that having him go outside w/out a jacket was better because his jacket was getting wet around his belly & making him colder.  Once he went out w/out a jacket he actually seemed to like and and would go running through the snow.  The snow got REALLY deep on Wednesday…at least a foot of snow.


We’ve been having fun with the panoramic pic application on our new iphones 🙂 I love our cute little apartment even if the more we learn about some of our neighbors, the more ghetto it gets.  We got a letter on our door today stating that the police have been called about a resident selling drugs and this was against the community’s policy.  You think?  I’m ready to buy a house here and GET OUT



We’ve been having lazy days since the weather has been crazy and have been glued to the tv catching up on for the time we missed when we were w/out.  I did make my new favorite meal, chicken piccata.  I think it’s the best thing I make these days.  So delish and warms you up on these cold days


Today the snow is all melting away and it’s so sad. Tomorrow we will get out of our lazy funk and actually be productive…maybe

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