Hurricane Pt. 3

Friday & Saturday – Drew was supposed to work but he got a call saying “stand down”.  Stand down is the governments way of saying YAY SCHOOL IS CANCELD! We watched movies since we still have no cable/internet

Sunday – Drew was still home but I couldn’t stand the movies any more.  I spent the day reading.  The 2 buildings affected by the fire still have no power.  The complex is letting some of these people stay in empty apartments that have power…I lent our airmattress to a lady who needed to get moved.  Everyone’s tempers are short but everyone’s so eager to help.


Monday – Drew left for India today.  I alternate my time between reading & movies.  Read 2 hrs, movie, read 2 hrs, movie.  Finally re-read all the Hunger Games books.   I went to bed fairly early and woke up around 2am and completely lost my mind.  I CANT STAND not having cable & internet.  I just want to watch tv in the night like I always do when I cant sleep.  PLUS it’s Bravo premiere week…Real Housewives of Atlanta AND Beverly Hills, Top Chef.  The election.  Ugh I don’t know how much longer of this I can take.  My neighbor who has a different, working, cable provider texts me “wasn’t the real housewives CRAZY tonight?!??” ‘I wouldn’t know!!!’ I text back.  Brie, this neighbor..the one with the baby I adore then tells me they are moving to Montclair in December.  SO SAD! All the good people are moving out of this complex in a hurry with leaves me with the crazies and 39


Tuesday – Today’s our 2nd anniversary!!!!  Isn’t my ring so pretty? I love it so much. But Drew’s in India still, so sad.  I took Mack to daycare because I could not sit in our apartment reading and watching movies another day.  Turns out when I’m bored I like to spend money.  I went to Target…bought a lot to donate to a church in Newark making relief collections.  (I really really want to have a Cory Booker sighting, he’s my hero) I went to Best Buy to buy Drew’s anniversary present.  That one was out of iphone5 accessories so I had to go to the Best Buy in another city.  I went to PetCo & bought Mack a toooooon of new toys and a heavier coat for when  it starts snowing – which they are predicting for tomorrow & Thurs.  I worked out for an hour and by the time I got home, unloaded what I bought for here and showered it was time to go pick up Mack from his play group. (Isn’t my Macky so cute?!?)




(Drew’s anniversary loot – Disney movies: he’s been collecting the classics for our future kids & some iPhone5 accessories.  I bought myself a CUTE iPhone5 case while I was out!)

The power company is finally clearing the downed transformer/burned car.  Hopefully the 2 buildings w/out power will have it soon. (When I was driving to Panera to post this I saw power is back on for the 2 fire buildings!!! YAY!)  As I was driving ALL over New Jersey today I was listening to Rush Limbaugh.  Rush ALWAYS takes me back to riding in my Dad’s little off white pick up truck.  My Dad allllllllways listened to Rush hahaha  He was just saying how  Rudy Guliani was saying the media is not giving enough attention to how BAD things are still out here.  I wouldn’t know though…I HAVE NO CABLE haha


In food news….I’ve been trying to perfect a poached egg for the past 3 days.  I LOVE poached eggs but I’ve always been too scared to try to make them.  I’m getting closer.  They are kind of tricky.  If only hollandaise sauce was healthy!


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