Hurricane Pt. 2

Thursday – Today has been EVENTFUL!! Started by taking our laundry to a laundry mat down the road.  Funny how obnoxious chores become exciting when there is nothing else to do.   My peaceful no power haven was killed by our neighbors’ generator.  Generators are loud.  It’s driving me crazy.  I might not mind as much if it wasn’t 39.  39 are our ghetto neighbors.  We don’t know her name but always refer to her as 39.  Drew & I were out walking Mack and I film this LOUD generator.  Literally 3 seconds later 39 is banging on our door.  I freak out cause this lady is crazy and send Drew down w/ his badge and gun visible on his belt.  She says, “oh sorry about the noise guys just wanted to offer you muffins!!” (um this is not the reason you initially banged on our door)  She then explained the only reason they got clearance to have a generator is because they have to keep insulin cold for the elderly couple upstairs.  I then feel like a complete witch.  The gas lines have been insane.  My car is pretty full but Drew’s was at half a tank.  He got an email from his boss with information of stations in Newark that were giving priority to agents.  Off to Newark we go w/ Mack in tow.  We get to the cops guarding the station and Drew showed him his badge.  This cop was a total guido and had Pauly D hair…no joke.  He yells to the other cop “Hey Tony, this guy’s a fake cop!! FBI or something”  Tony then yells “I’m gonna need to see proper ID for the dog too!”  And just like that we were at the front of the gas line.  Drew’s job has lots of perks!



(the last pic is people in line w/ gas cans…EVERY station has a line of at least 75 people in line…often times you hear people arguing as you drive by.  Patience is short these days)

Fire – Wow! Today really was crazy.  Around 8pm the power came on for 1 second then we heard a HUGE explosion.  We knew right away the transformer on the car in our complex had exploded.  Drew put on some of his work gear and went to check it out.  I hung my head out our kitchen window and see the huge fire getting bigger and bigger just 2 buildings away.  With no way to contact Drew I freaked out.  About 10 minutes later he gets back and yells at me to grab the dog and get out.  We parked a few blocks away until the fire got some what under control.  We came back around 9.  Fire was still going strong but there were about 5 fire trucks working on it.  Drew went back to talk to the officers to make sure it was safe to go back to our apartment.  The car belonged to our super.  He’s such a sweet guy from Poland and the fire got so bad because he had 2 gas cans full in the back of his car ready to fill up generators.  Our nerves were so shot.   Around 11pm our power magically comes back on.  The 1st thing we did with our glorious power? Vacuum! Hahaha Drew and I both couldn’t stand it any longer.



We still have no cable, internet or heat but at least we can now watch DVDs during the day.  I find myself missing the quiet though.  Once cable & internet are up and working at home things will be much better! 🙂

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