Hurricane Pt. 1

‘m going to do this in 2 posts because Thursday was a huge day and is a long post in and of itself.  Also we have no internet so loading pictures off Panera’s wifi would take 2 hours.  Pt 2 is the best so stay tuned!

Monday: It was drizzly all day today.  Nothing major started until around 6 when the wind really picked up.  Power goes out at 6:30.  The wind was REALLY bad by 9.  I ventured out and got a scratch on my arm from a huge fallen tree limb.  The cops came to our complex around 9:30…a neighbor told us something fell on a car. We got out to look around but didn’t find much.  We used a computer to watch a movie and went to bed. 

Tuesday:  I think the 1st 24 hours of no power are the worst.  You start going crazy.  I really just wanted to be able to watch the news to see what was going on.  Anyway…I read a lot, Drew cleaned some.  We decided to get out and find a restaurant open.  That’s when we saw all the damage.  There are HUGE trees down everywhere you look.  Our complex isn’t too bad but still has huge limbs down and the grass is covered in branches.  Shingles from the roof are everywhere.  The reason the cops came was because a transformer smashed into the roof of a car.  You see this everywhere though.  Entire streets are police taped off because of down power lines/trees down on cars or just in the road.  It’s CRAZY and pictures just don’t caption it well.  We went to an Applebees late afternoon – it was one of the few places open.  It was chaos in there but at least they had tv so we could watch news.  Right before our food comes the power goes out.

Wednesday – I’m starting to get use to no power.  It’s almost peaceful.  I read all day which helps the time pass.  Drew went up to his office to charge all our phones & computers.  The computers help at night so we can at least watch a movie.  The hardest part of this has been showers.  Taking a cold shower when it’s 41 outside is miserable.  Drew and I have started to work out before our showers so we get really hot and make the freezing water a little more tolerable.  Washing your hair in freezing water gives you a massive brain freeze headache.  Who knew?  The good thing is we have a gas stove so I can cook something every day..we just like the pilot with a lighter.  It’s been pasta every day so far.  We get out every day for our sanity and have a meal somewhere.  We went to a local restaurant and as we were driving all the gas stations that still had gas (only 2 of the 5 we passed) were police tapped off and guarded by 2 or 3 police cars.  Everyone’s going CRAZY for gas.  Our neighbor called the power company and they told her we probably wouldn’t have gas till Nov 5 – 10.  WOW!


2 thoughts on “Hurricane Pt. 1

  1. Jana says:

    = ( I’m so sorry. Our production department is in Princeton and one of the guys had a tree fall on his house — and was still at work. I feel so bad for everyone! I enjoy your posts, though. Hang in there, and the invite to SA is still good — although I know you’d rather drive down to be with your mom. It’s an option!

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